Hi! My name is Janet, and I am a 30-something Body Positivity Blogger who loves connecting with people on social media, sharing my tips and tricks for weight loss and overall health, and generally helping people feel great about themselves.

I started blogging back in 2008 when I was trying to lose weight. What I was experiencing was a lot of the same challenges that many other people experience when they attempt to shed excess weight, and I was learning a lot in the process in terms of what works and what doesn’t. So I used my blog to reach out to other people who were trying to lose weight but failing. My hope was to share my insights for weight loss success so that they could succeed as well.

Through the years and through my own personal struggles with body image and weight, though, I’ve learned to love my body just the way it is, regardless of the number on the scale or the size of my clothes. I’m no longer solely focused on how much I weigh; instead, I’m focused on leading a healthy, active lifestyle that makes me happy.

Here’s the thing: life’s too short to be obsessed with your weight. So now I spend my days writing about topics that will help you achieve the healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good inside and look good on the outside.

These days, I eat healthy, but I don’t deprive myself. I stay active, but I don’t push my body to the limits. I have found a balance that works for me, and I realized that that’s what life is really all about: balance. 

What You Can Expect from the Like Body Blog: 

  • Easy ways to eat healthy while still being able to indulge in delicious flavors

  • Tips on how to choose the right foods for your body and your long-term health

  • Safe workouts that anyone can do to get in shape and stay in shape

  • Insights into how you can love your body just the way it is


Join me as we dive into the topics that really matter: health, wellness, and happiness. You don’t need to be supermodel skinny to be happy. I’ve learned that, and you should too. It’s time to love your body, embrace your individuality, and realize that you are beautiful and sexy just the way you are!