I Tried These Top YouTube Fitness Channels for a Month

I Tried These Top YouTube Fitness Channels for a Month

Whenever I want to try a new workout, I always look to YouTube Fitness Channels to provide. That said, if you’ve ever tried to search among all the different videos, you’ll know that it can be a bit overwhelming. There are millions of videos and thousands of channels to choose from.

Worry not, I’ve used the last month to come up with a great list of YouTube fitness channels you might love. I’ve listed them below so you can see why I liked them, and why you might, too.

My Favorite YouTube Fitness Channels (2019 edition)

The Fitness Marshall

I absolutely adore The Fitness Marshall. Caleb Marshall easily takes the top of my YouTube fitness channels list. These videos not only give me a fantastic workout for my body, but also for my mood! Even if I start off feeling down, tired or unmotivated, I’m full of energy and smiles by the end. These quick cardio sessions are essentially interactive dance videos. Make sure to pay attention to the expressions he has on his face if you want to keep yourself smiling the whole time. He is the master of fun and motivation for getting through snack-sized workouts all week long. His channel also has handy playlists to provide complete workouts if you’d rather enjoy a longer sweat session.


Cassey Ho is the host of the Blogilates channel and while the first impression if these YouTube fitness channels may seem like a more traditional workout video, she definitely goes above and beyond. Her Pop Pilates (Pilates with pop music!) makes these female-focused workouts challenging but enjoyable at the same time. There are quite a few of them and they make you feel like you’re getting a dance workout instead of your typical Pilates experience. I also like that any equipment you need in the video is typically something you have around the house. Nothing specialty needed!


Jessica Smith hosts the JessicaSmithTV YouTube fitness channels. She has been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years and provides a range of different full-length videos. She uses several techniques for achievable fitness (with her dog, Peanut, often there to provide support) including everything from walking to meditation and from barre to high intensity interval training (HIIT). The channel is organized into helpful playlists to make it easy to find what I want.

If there’s anything I’ve discovered over the last month while coming up with this list, it’s that well maintained and up-to-date playlists are a rare thing among YouTube fitness channels. That makes this one a real gem.

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  1. I agree with you about blogilates the workouts are quick and easy to follow. No equipments needed just your time and your dedication to work out.

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