The Trick to Loving Exercise

Most of us go through the same routine when we decide to exercise and most of the time it ends up going the same way. We join expensive gyms only to quit after three weeks–if we’re lucky. Of course we all want to be loving exercise, but the issue is that we get bored. Pumping iron and doing the same routine over and over again is not exactly the most riveting experience we could have in life. Even the final payoff is not incentive enough to keep it all going. The common trend is that we get determined and on a high about losing weight or getting fit and generally we become discouraged when we give up.

So how is it then that we can keep our fitness routine and stick with it?

The good news is, there is a way to start loving exercise. The key is actually quite simple. We have to like what we are doing. So, why don’t more of us do that? The answer to that is simple too. There are several reasons why this almost never happens. One, is that we are conditioned to believe that in order to keep fit, we have to join the ranks of the muscle-bound dudes in the gym lifting way too much weight and grunting on every push. We think we have to sweat and experience discomfort. Remember the cliché–no pain, no gain? Well, with that we can quibble.

There are plenty of ways to get and stay fit the right way. The second reason is that we don’t really know what we are doing so we feel that if we knock ourselves out–we are doing something good. But did you know that there are ways to not only stay fit, but keep it that way indefinitely?

Ways to love your exercise routine

Choose the things you enjoy doing and you will be loving exercise in no time. In fact, it might not even feel like exercise at all! If you love to walk, just a 20 minute stroll a day will burn calories. If you walk heel to toe with 4 foot strides and gluteus muscles tight, you’ll be firm in no time. Do you have a sport you like? How about tennis, racquetball or golf? Just an hour three days a week gets the same result as a boring treadmill run. Like nature? Hiking on uneven ground gets you a pretty big result over time. It doesn’t matter the activity–just think active and not passive and you are good to go.

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