Posture Tricks That Make You Look Slimmer

Are your weight loss plans not panning out as quickly as you need them to? Would you like to appear thinner instantly with just a few simple and painless body modifications? How about being given some awesome posture tricks to make you look slimmer—would that excite you? For most people, the way they hold their bodies means everything, from how attractive they feel to how slim they look. The good part is that anybody can improve his or her posture to increase his or her appeal. All you need to know are these few simple tricks:

1. Straighten Out Your Spine

Do you remember when your mother used to tell you not to slouch? Well, it not only makes you look like a slob but it can also crunch your abdomen in such a way that it makes your gut appear larger than it really is. Standing or sitting up straight instead of allowing your spine to bend is one of the great posture tricks used by celebrities. Just look at the world’s elite: nobody is standing around with mopey body language. A straight posture makes you appear more confident, and it also elongates your body, which gives the appearance of a more slender frame.

2. Shoulders Go Back and Down

We have learned a lot of awesome posture tricks from famous people such as Audrey Hepburn, whose back-and-down shoulder exercise imbues even the most unattractive body with a certain grace. This movement not only helps to elongate the body, much as spine straightening does, but it also makes the neck look longer as well, which creates the illusion of a much thinner physique. After all, who likes the look of weak shoulders in a world that often requires strong, capable ones?

3. Keep Your Head Up

No matter what, you should always try to keep your head up, both literally and figuratively. As one of the simplest posture tricks, just lifting up your chin a little bit can make a big difference in the way you look. You should not try to peer into the clouds, but you shouldn’t be looking at your feet all the time, either. Having a double chin is not attractive, so keeping your head up and alert can prevent you from showing yours to the world.

Note: Mobility issues might be something with which you deal, so be sure that you talk to your doctor if adjusting your posture hurts you in any way.

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