How to Use Light Weights to Get Strong Muscles

There is an ongoing debate amongst fitness enthusiasts about whether to use heavy or light weights. It is commonly believed that heavy weights stimulate muscle gain and strength. Light weights are thought to induce muscle endurance. However, this is not entirely true. You can definitely use light weights to get strong muscles.

Muscle Strain

The idea behind weight training is to strain muscles. Once the muscles are strained, they tend to get used to the stress, growing and strengthening as a result. Working out with heavy weights is considered to be the best option for this. This is mainly because you can increase the weight you lift and keep the reps to a minimum.

Six to ten reps of heavy weights will get you excellent results in terms of muscle gain. However, you can achieve the same results with light weights and more repetitions. The trick is to do enough reps to strain the muscles. As long as your muscles are being strained, you can definitely use light weights to get strong muscles.

Confusing Muscles

Another basic technique for gaining muscle is to avoid muscle memory. If you continue training your muscles in a single manner, the training will become easier for your muscles. You may be able to lift more weight, but you won’t experience any physical change. The trick is to keep changing your workouts. This way your muscles will have to adapt to a new routine after a certain period of time. This constant adaptation will cause the muscles to undergo more strain and, eventually, to grow. This can easily be achieved with light weights as well.

Proper Form Is Key

Working out with light weights allows you to keep good form. Of course, there is no rocket science to the fact that you have to keep a proper form for all exercises. Keeping a proper form reduces the risk of injury and enables you to target each muscle effectively. The best way to maintain a good form is to work out with light weights.

Why Lights Weights Are Better

Any sort of exercise and weight training entails a risk of injury. However, working out with heavy weights increases this risk significantly. Weight resistance that is greater than your body weight is considered heavy. This is why it is best to train with light weights to get strong muscles.
Working out with heavy or light weights will get you equal results if you do it right. Therefore, it is best to reduce the risk of injuries and use light weights.

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