How to Start a Running Exercise Program If You’ve Never Done It Before

Beginning a running workout is easy. However, maintaining the regimen and experiencing results is difficult. This becomes even more challenging if you are a first timer. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help you get started. Here’s how to start a running exercise program if you’ve never done it before:

Avoid Using Treadmills

One of the biggest mistake people make when beginning a running exercise program is beginning on a treadmill. A treadmill is indoors and it can get quite boring. Once you are bored of the exercise, you are more prone to quit.

The best option is to go outside and run in the park. You will have a different experience almost every day. Moreover, you will meet other people and get motivated. More importantly, you will not become bored and quit. You can even run around the block if you don’t have easy access to a park.

Buy Proper Gear

To make sure you are able to follow through with a running exercise program, be sure to buy proper gear. Cheap or improper gear is more likely to cause injuries and hinder your training. The most important tool for running is shoes.

Make sure they are comfortable and the right fit. Do not buy oversized shoes. The shoes should not be tight or lose. They should fit snugly on your foot and provide support. Additionally, buy comfortable exercising trousers to ensure you are able to exercise properly.

Prepare for Muscle Soreness

Most people give up their training routine because of the muscle soreness. Keep one thing in mind when beginning an exercise routine: muscle soreness is part of the game. You cannot exercise in a manner that you do not experience soreness.

Therefore, you should mentally prepare yourself for the soreness that you may experience. This will help you avoid any surprises, and you are more likely to remain motivated. You will continue your running exercise program despite the soreness if you are prepared for it.

Work Your Way Up

Never intensify your exercise program rapidly. Be sure to start at the bottom. As it gets easier, you can increase the intensity. This will keep your muscles strong. If you increase the exercise regimen at once, there is a great chance that you will develop injuries. You can never construct a sturdy building without laying a strong foundation. Working out at low intensity builds the foundation.

Be sure to use the abovementioned tips to guarantee that you stick to your exercise routine.

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