Motivational Weight Loss Apps

Are you easily motivated by technology? Well, if you are looking for a motivator that combines fitness and technology, you’re in luck because there is an app for that! One of the reasons most diet and exercise plan fail is because of a lack of motivation and the difficulty of writing out a journal of food and exercise and then taking that data and plugging it into a formula or charting using a computer to total your daily caloric intake. In addition, dining out can be dangerous without knowing the nutritional facts of the items offered on the menu. Evolving technological applications available on smart phones, IPods and IPads have made it easier to track your diet and exercise and provide references to help you make healthy choices. A few of the apps available for health and fitness purposes include:

  • Lose It!- This is an app that works in a way that a food journal would. To start, you enter your weight along with your target weight, and the app will formulate how many calories you should take in on a daily basis to reach your ideal weight. It will also estimate how long it should take you to reach your goals. The app also has a module for tracking the food you eat; complete with a barcode scanner that inputs nutritional information for you just by scanning the package. Another service this app provides is connection to a community group for motivational support.
  • My Fitness Pal- This is another free app that you can download from the app store on your mobile phone, IPod or IPad. After inputting your dimensions including your current height and weight as well as your goal weight, My Fitness Pal creates a diet and exercise plan to help you get there by breaking your overall goal into smaller milestones. The app can be used to track your caloric intake, including the count for fast foods and dining out options. It can also store your exercise and keep a running count of calories burned.
  • Nexercise!- The Nexercise app has received the most ratings in terms of motivation. The app was also featured on television for being a top rated health app. It was made for android phones and is one of the biggest weight loss games that is played alongside other users. It is competitive and interactive. Nexercise users “inform” their smart phone when they are about to do any type of physical exercise and the program counts steps, motions and tracks data for you. When you are finished, you can tell your phone and it will calculate your activity. People are rewarded with medals and awards as compared to their friends and competitors. They are also eligible for free and discounted merchandise.
  • Sworkit and Sworkit-Pro- These two apps provide a series of circuit training exercises that can be done anywhere. The program allows you to input which exercises you want to do and they randomly assigns them. It also contains an audible feature that allows for you to keep working without having to pick up your phone to see what’s next. The different exercises focus on upper body, lower body and the mid section with yoga, strength training and flexibility routines. If there is an exercise you aren’t familiar with, the app has a pause button that can be used to briefly stop the routine while you view a video demonstration of how to perform the exercise properly.

While this is just a small selection of the some of the apps available for smart phones, there are dozens to choose from. Depending on your preferences and activity level there is surely an app available on the market to help you stay motivated while shedding those pounds. The majority of these apps focus on your health by personalizing the food and exercise preferences to meet your needs through a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


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