Go Cycling on Your Next Mexican Vacation Getaway

Go Cycling on Your Next Mexican Vacation Getaway

The next time you head away on vacation, take the opportunity to go cycling to enjoy your trip in a whole new way. This is particularly fun on vacations to Mexico, where you can rent bicycles quite readily in most areas.

Choosing to go cycling as you explore the coastline or various villages and towns makes it easier to cover more ground but at a leisurely pace. You’ll be able to get a bit of a workout but not end up with the sore feet you’d have if you were walking along cobblestones all day for several days. Moreover, you’re still taking a comfortable enough pace that you won’t miss as much as you would if you were traveling through a village in a car.

Go Cycling Through Mexican Villages

Sayulita is a perfect example of a town where you can go cycling. There is so much to see along the main stretch that it can be fun to leave the car behind and pedal your way through the town. At the same time, you can always take your bike out for a ride if you want to get some real exercise out of it.

While you’re in town, don’t hesitate to stop. Pedal slowly so the cobblestones will provide a more comfortable ride. Pay attention to where you’re going, of course, but look around as you ride. When you see something worth examining, pull over and let yourself experience it.

In fact, you might find that this happens right away as you enter Sayulita and spot the papel picado hanging over the main street. This decorative cut paper is a glorious welcome into the artistic and traditional side of the town.

Go Cycling to Your Meals

There are lots of places to eat when you go cycling through villages and towns. This is especially true in areas where you’re near the beach. Have your first octopus tostada or pineapple filled with shrimp. Spoil yourself with refreshing ceviche or delicious guacamole. Discover why the shrimp tacos here are nothing like the ones you have had back home, and why you’d take another trip to the region just to eat them again!

Relax After You Go Cycling

After a day of pedaling around, take the opportunity to relax and spoil yourself. This could mean a delicious sit-down dinner or even a Swedish massage. Give your muscles a break and let yourself sink into the best vacation you’ve ever had.

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