Why You Should Stop Eating Hot Dogs for Good

Hot dogs, the mere thought is so tempting. But not so tempting if you really think about the negativity it brings on your body and health. Take a look at why you need to stop eating hot dogs for your own good:

Hot dogs are made from processed meat, loaded with sodium nitrate, an ingredient that has been linked to colon disease, kidney disease, leukemia, brain tumors and breast cancer. Sodium nitrate is a crystalline chemical that is used to preserve the color of the meat it’s added to.

Without it, the meat would look gray and old instead of fresh.

Sodium nitrate is also used in rocket propellants, explosives and it’s also used as a fertilizer. Yet, here we are using it in our foods and then consuming it. But some may argue that there’s not enough of the stuff in our foods to harm us. Yet, what they aren’t telling you is that when sodium nitrate mixes with the acids in our stomach, it can lead to potential health problems.

And if that’s not enough to make you think twice about eating hot dogs, think about this: the meat is made with the leftover animal parts that can’t be used anywhere else. And there is also enough saturated fat in the ingredients that you can add heart disease and obesity to the list of health concerns as well.

Most hot dogs are non-organic, made from the meat of animals not properly raised with medication like antibiotics. If this wasn’t enough, they also develop listeria, a condition that can lead to miscarriage and also prove fatal for a baby. Finally, they are loaded with calories as a result of high caloric white-flour bread added with meat.
Plus, they are loaded with salt, which is another unhealthy ingredient when consumed in large quantities. Too much salt actually increases your blood pressure, which can eventually lead to heart disease.

Now think about all of the chemicals that are used during the manufacturing process and you are in for quite a disturbing amount of disgusting and dangerous ingredients.

The good news is there are some organic options out there that don’t contain sodium nitrate, tons of sodium or chemicals. But, to many, a processed food is all the same, organic or not. So, it’s best to avoid eating hot dogs altogether or else you are putting yourself at risk for a number of major and minor health problems.

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