The Ten Commandments of Weight Loss Success

You may feel that you have tried everything, but what are the secret commandments to weight loss success? If you feel as though nothing is working then more than likely you are skimping on one of these. So it’s time to focus in on the most important rules or the commandments of weight loss and to understand why these relate to success in the end.

1. Get plenty of challenging exercise in: Your body needs to be in motion and a sedentary lifestyle will only ever hurt you. Be certain that you are engaged in truly challenging exercise as that’s one of the best ways to get to weight loss success. Try to burn more calories than you eat, challenge the body, and incorporate variety to always keep the body guessing.

2. Be sure that you get a good night of sleep: Sleep plays a huge factor in your ability to lose weight. If your body doesn’t get enough rest then it perceives this as a threat. It may go to work by holding onto all of the fat that you eat and therefore trying to keep you safe. When you sleep your body has a chance to recover and therefore this is all tied to long term weight loss so make it a true priority.

3. Get motivation from a good support network: You are going to need motivation along the way and that should come in the form of a good support network. Weight loss success comes from positive energy and support from those that love you. This will keep you going throughout challenges and ensure that you remain motivated no matter how frustrated you may get at times.

4. Watch your drinks because they really do matter: Coffee drinks, alcohol beverages, and even sugary sodas, juices, or sports drinks really can hurt you. These are empty calories which is to say that they are void of any nutritional benefit. You won’t get anything but extra calories from these beverages so opt for water or tea whenever possible.

5. Keep a journal of what you eat and more: Write it all down as this is a huge factor in weight loss success. Write down what you eat each day, how often, and how much, but also write down your feelings. This will really have an impact on how much you stick with the program because it gives you a sense of accountability.

6. Be sure that you get enough fat and the right type of it: You can’t survive without fat and actually this can hurt you if you try. Opt for good fats which are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will these help to protect your health, but they will also help you with long term weight loss as well.

7. Eat low GI carbohydrates: Low GI carbohydrates help to keep you full longer, aid in digestion due to their fiber content, and are the type that won’t cause your blood sugar to spike. These are true whole grains and complex carbohydrates which are high in fiber but void of any refined sugar or white flour. They will be a great aid in long term weight loss.

8. Get your protein consumption each day: Protein helps your body to function and also allows you to get energy. It helps you to feel full and content, but you do need the right type. Lean proteins are excellent for powering through a workout or to keep you feeling satisfied all day long.

9. Take the right supplements or diet pills: You need vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients to give you what your body really needs. The right supplements or diet pills may be specific to you as an individual, but they can be an excellent way of filling in the void. Be sure that you find the right one and focus on this moving forward.

10. Know your calorie requirements and stick to it: The final aspect to long term weight loss success is to know your calorie requirements. Just as you wouldn’t go over that calorie intake, be sure that you also don’t underestimate it. This is a range that you must stick with for it can really help with weight loss, so be diligent about aiming for this each and every day to really help keep the weight off for good.

Now that these ten commandments to weight loss success have been revealed to you, it shouldn’t be a problem to ever loss weight again.

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