Why Does Substantial Weight Loss Sometimes Cause Hair Loss, Too?

Why Does Substantial Weight Loss Sometimes Cause Hair Loss, Too?

Though substantial weight loss is often considered to be a positive thing, it can also come with some surprising unwanted side effects. While many people know about the risk of loose skin, there is also a chance that you can experience hair loss, too.

This is not usually the case when someone loses a few pounds, unless they are the result of extremely poor nutrition. Instead, it typically takes substantial weight loss in order to bring on such unwanted outcomes.

Hair Loss from Substantial Weight Loss

After losing around a hundred pounds or more, this type of substantial weight loss can lead to hair loss. This is very frustrating for many people because they work so hard to drop the pounds and then experience highly unwanted consequences as a result. For many people, the hair loss can be more upsetting than any other part of the weight loss, including hunger, exhaustion or having to change their lifestyle.

Once people experience substantial weight loss, hair can become more thin as well as being finer. This becomes most obvious in the shower when washing hair, where it can seem to come out in large amounts.

How to Correct Hair Loss Resulting from Lost Weight

There are four main things that you can do to help to reverse – or prevent – significant hair loss after substantial weight loss.

  1. Eat enough protein – Protein is an important part of your diet when it comes to hair growth. If substantial weight loss is causing your hair to fall out, making sure you’re eating right can play a vital role in correcting it.
  2. Eat enough biotin – Like protein, biotin is an important nutrient for improving the health and strength of both your hair and nails for that matter. Try to obtain it through food over supplements if at all possible as food sources of nutrition are more effective.
  3. Give yourself scalp massages – Many people feel that scalp massages can help to promote better hair growth and health. The reason is that these gentle massages not only feel good but also promote blood flow to the area. This added blood flow means the area receives more oxygen and nutrients which make it better able to grow hair.
  4. Patience – Keep in mind that hair grows in cycles. Therefore, even if you’re doing something that’s working, it could still take weeks or months before you see real results. Be patient and try not to be discouraged. Just as substantial weight loss takes time, so does hair regrowth.

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