The Best Yoga Poses for Those Who Aren’t Flexible

Many people, especially the ones who are overweight, struggle with yoga poses because of their inflexibility. The issue becomes a barrier to try for many a beginner and there seems to be no solution.

It is true that you can’t practice certain poses unless your body is stretchable and if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle. One thing you need to remember is that there are many factors which contribute to an inflexible body, such as age, health status, genetics, and even the climate.

You can’t help yourself in such a situation but there is some hope. While nobody is denying that some poses require flexibility, but you can start with easier poses and there will come a time when you can do almost anything. Choosing the right yoga poses for an inflexible body isn’t a hard job but choosing the best ones isn’t any easier, so here’s a list of the best yoga poses that will help you achieve your goal without any struggle:

Mountain Pose or “Tadasana”

Tadasana, or as it is more commonly known the mountain pose, is one of the simplest yoga poses. It’s hard to avoid keeping it at the top of the list of the best yoga poses for people who aren’t flexible. It is a basic posture and if you maintain it for 15 minutes consistently for a few months, your ability to stretch and flex will improve remarkably. It’s for beginners thus it emphasizes on the connection of breathing with yoga. It teaches you to sync your breathe with your posture.

Chair Pose or “Utkatasana”

The chair pose is another common pose for people who aren’t flexible. It involves your limbs and torso. You are mimicking the way you sit on a chair except sitting on the chair in reality makes you dull and inflexible while performing this yoga pose will do the entire opposite. It assists you in movement because it focuses on strength and mobility. The muscles in your limbs get warmed up so you get more energy and relieve the stiffness.

If you want to perform another pose that revolves around feet, knees and hips, performing it prior to this will make your job a whole lot easier. It is a dynamic pose and may require some effort and practice before you start doing it correctly. Try it for a few minutes and change the pose for a while and then continue. It’s not as easy as the mountain pose but the hard work is totally worth it. These are among the best yoga poses for people who aren’t flexible.

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