How to Reverse Body Dysmorphia and Love Yourself Now

Body dysmorphia is a condition that causes you to constantly check yourself in the mirror and obsess over each perceived flaw. It leads you to having distressing thoughts about your body on a constant basis, and it can result in everything from depression and social anxiety, to self-harm and distress or even suicide.

While it’s normal to view certain aspects of your body as being “imperfect,” when you’re obsessing about those imperfections, you essentially amplify them and let them take over your life. Thankfully, there are ways that you can reverse body dysmorphia and love yourself now.

Use the Power of Your Mind
In order to reverse body dysmorphia, you need to take control of your mind. Your mind is incredibly powerful, but if you can shift the way you think, you’ll eventually change the way that you feel and the way that you view yourself. Use affirming, positive thoughts to become more positive and overcome your negative feelings towards yourself. Focus on what you love about yourself, and tell yourself that your imperfections are only in your mind.

Limit the Number of Times That You Look in the Mirror
Individuals with body dysmorphia tend to obsessively check the mirror throughout the day, even while they’re on the go in the car or with a handheld mirror at their job. Do your best to use your willpower to limit the number of times that you check the mirror. Have confidence in the way that you look, and tell yourself that you don’t always have to check the mirror to be sure you look fabulous.

Know the Power of Photoshop
Celebrities have teams of makeup artists, and their clothes are fitted perfectly to their bodies, so there is no need to feel insecure when you see a celebrity on TV. And you also shouldn’t feel insecure when you see celebrities or models in magazines or online, as those images are Photoshopped. Remember, photo editing experts can do everything from add or remove curves, to smooth out skin, make breasts appear larger, and more. What you see in magazines and on websites is nothing more than an illusion.

Over time, if you stay consistent in your efforts, you will learn to love your body and you will be able to reverse body dysmorphia. There is no reason why you should feel so negatively about yourself every day, and you deserve to be happy, so give the tips above a try.

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