Burn Maximum Calories with These Full Body Exercises

Burn Maximum Calories with These Full Body Exercises

Despite the fact that we tend to think of running when it comes to exercises that burn maximum calories, there are far more great options than just that. This is good news for us all, as it isn’t good for the body to go running every single day. The body needs to rest and you need to work on muscles outside of the same ones each day.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not you love to run, it’s a good idea to look into other exercise that burn maximum calories so you can try them, as well. Overall, the type of workout that will give you the top calorie burn will be those involving high-intensity moves.

In fact, while we tend to think of cardio workouts as the type that will burn maximum calories, they’re not the only options, either. In fact, technically speaking, a high intensity-weight training session will let you burn more calories than you would if you just went running. Unfortunately, this knowledge isn’t widely known and it can hold people back from achieving their top results.

Therefore, when you’re working to blast through the highest number of calories, try to mix it up with different types of workout and include both cardio and strength training. Consider the following options that can help you to keep up the burn in the most efficient way:

· Swimming – This cardio exercise can help you to use your entire body while being gentle on the joints. This makes it a perfect option for many people who have knee, hip, back or ankle issues and can also help to prevent certain joint problems from forming in the first place.

· Resistance training – Recent research examining this type of workout has found that a fast-paced circuit workout will burn the equivalent to running a six minute mile.

· Kettlebell swing – The benefit to this type of exercise in terms of calorie burning is that it has an explosive action. This causes you to work the large, strong muscles that make up your quads and glutes. It also immediately gets your heart pumping. Studies have shown that a 20 minute intense kettlebell workout burns an average of 20.2 calories per minute.

· Rowing machines – Harvard University research has shown that using this machine properly can bring an average man to a calorie burn of about 12.5 per minute. The reason is that it uses your arms, back and legs to complete efficient strokes.

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