Do These Things to Love Your Body Starting Now

Do These Things to Love Your Body Starting Now

Sometimes it’s not that difficult to love your body. At other times, it can feel as though you and your shape are at war with each other and will never be friends.

It’s easy to look back at photos of yourself and struggle with who you see. Maybe you were much thinner than you are now. Maybe you were heavier. Just looking through the clothes in your closet – the ones you wish looked better than they did – can make it feel tough to love your body.

It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself.

It’s Time to Love Your Body

This doesn’t mean that you need to think you’re perfect. If that was the case, we’d never make any efforts to improve. Improvement is important because it helps us live healthier lives. Loving your body means having respect for yourself. It requires you to feel worthy and appreciated by yourself.

No matter your weight, size or shape, being able to love your body is key to achieving your goals. Among these goals are to look great, feel great and be healthy.

Tips to Love Your Body

• Don’t blame your body for your struggles in life. Choose to appreciate your body as a partner along your journey. If you don’t feel fit enough, blame won’t help anything. Choose to work with and love your body to make things better.
• Don’t let other people decide how you feel about yourself. One look or comment from someone else should never have that kind of power. Love your body regardless of whether or not someone else decides to pass judgment.
• Stop blaming others for stopping you from having the body you think you’re supposed to have. You live in the best body for yourself. Let it guide and teach you to appreciate who you truly are. Treat it with respect through nutrition, activity, sleep and yoga or meditation and it will show you new ways to experience your world.
• Stop defining yourself by your bathroom scale reading. That number measures one thing and one thing only, how much all the organs, bones, tissues, fluids and other substances in your body weigh when they’re all put together. This is not a measure of how good you are as a person. Learn to measure yourself using methods far more valuable than a bathroom scale reading.
• Stop being hard on yourself when you can’t do something. Instead, be proud of what you can do and never stop setting goals for new achievements into the future.

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