Fatty Foods You Can Still Enjoy

When we think of weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is restrictions on our diet. You start thinking about limiting your food intake in order to reduce calories, which eventually gives you the physique of your dreams. But what if we told you to reverse that? What if you could enjoy all those fatty foods and still lose weight? It sounds nothing less than a dream come true. Everybody secretly looks for such solutions but then we end up thinking maybe life doesn’t work that way.

But if taken in moderation, you can still enjoy fatty foods while reducing the fat percentage from your body. It might sound surprising but with controlled intake and proper exercise, it can work like magic. Almost any food can be a part of your healthy diet if you can strictly regulate your intake. Indulgence should be avoided at all costs, but in moderation everything is fine. Following is the list of fatty foods you can enjoy as part of your healthy diet:


For many fitness enthusiasts and health readers, bacon is synonymous with “fat with salt”. No one is challenging the assumption here but you can still enjoy the delectable taste of bacon without worrying too much about your calorie intake. A slice or two of bacon are enough to satisfy your taste buds, and it only contains 90 calories and 6 grams of fat. But make sure not to eat more than two slices or else we are not responsible.


Yes, you heard it right. Mayonnaise clogs your arteries and causes potentially serious cardiovascular diseases. But Mayonnaise itself isn’t the culprit. The consumption is the main reason it has earned a bad reputation. Adding a small amount of mayonnaise to your food can provide you essential nutrients. Mayonnaise is also a great source of the antioxidant vitamin E. If you scale back the consumption to only one tablespoon instead of a whole cup, you can easily reap the benefits without compromising on the taste.

Peanut Butter

An extremely popular fatty food among Americans, consumed by 94% of households as one sociological survey reports, peanut butter brings along a heavy dose of fats and calories. Eating just two tablespoons of peanut butter can increase your calorie intake by up to 200 calories, with only eight grams of protein and double the amount of fat.

But here is the thing to remember: most of the fat in peanut butter is heart-healthy which means it’s high quality saturated fat that is good for your heart. If you moderate the consumption, you can enjoy the benefits of peanut butter, as it is rich in niacin, a vitamin B that boosts immunity and energy, and the antioxidants from vitamin E and Resveratrol, also found in red wine.
These are just a few fatty foods you can still enjoy if you want to lose weight. Just remember that the key to success is moderation!

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