How to Create a Self Care Lifestyle from the Outside In

How to Create a Self Care Lifestyle from the Outside In

A self care lifestyle is something we tend to focus on when we’ve let things go for too long or when things get stressful.  It’s a term we often use for steps to take when we need to recover or bolster ourselves.  While it is particularly important at those times, it is something that deserves our time and attention regardless of how we’re feeling or what situation we’re facing.

Why Do We Let Our Self Care Lifestyle Slide?

Despite the fact that a regularly maintained self care lifestyle helps us to control our stress, and nourish our mind, body and soul, it’s often pushed aside until we need help getting through a tough or stressful situation.

The reason is that keeping up a self care lifestyle on a regular basis doesn’t always feel easy.  After all, when we’re so busy that every hour of the day is filled up, or when we’re consumed with our jobs or our technology, it’s not simple to find time to dedicate to making ourselves feel good.  After all, once work is done, there’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, gardening and mowing the lawn, and that’s just what we must face without even including spending time with family and friends.  If it’s hard to find a moment to sit down to a meal, it can feel much harder to carve away some pampering time.

How to Be Caring to Yourself Inside and Out

What we often forget is that a healthy self care lifestyle means that we’re keeping up the habits over the long term.  This requires much less time than it does when you’re already struggling and need to do something to help you recover and recharge.

Yes, we can all benefit from the occasional vacation days and it’s fun to devote several hours – or even a full day or weekend – to spa services (at home or from your favorite day spa).  However, keeping up self care as a lifestyle can just mean ten or fifteen minutes per day, or might even just require you to tweak some habits that won’t need any more time and energy than you’re already giving them.

Great Self Care Lifestyle Habits to Start Today

Consider these great tips to get your efforts off the ground:

  • Give sleep a priority. Even if you can’t sleep longer, stick to set sleeping and waking hours (even on weekends) to train your body to get as much out of your rest time as you can.
  • Understand the importance of your gut. Your microbiome has been scientifically linked to your mood and even your risk of anxiety or depression. Don’t give up your favorite junk food but save it for occasional treats. Discover delicious, simple healthy meals to enjoy the rest of the time.
  • Exercise daily. Mix it up for cardio, strength training and flexibility/balance throughout the week. Even if you have only ten or fifteen minutes, get that brisk walk or master that warrior pose in yoga!

Care for your skin. This can include a spa day with face masks and mani-pedis, but for your everyday, but simply investing in luxurious face cleansers and moisturizers for your skin type, or even just putting on hand lotion before bed can be the perfect addition to your self care lifestyle. They’re little things, but when you pay attention to them, they remind yourself that taking care of yourself is important.

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