Best Oblique Exercises to Target Love Handles

You’ve heard them called love handles or muffin top. All meant to sound cute and for the ladies–according to some guys, a small amount of muffin top is actually cute. But for a lot of people, it is a nuisance and one that causes all sorts of clothing issues and bathing suite issues–we just don’t like it and no matter how much you tell us it’s cute-we won’t have it!

Below are some oblique exercises to bust that muffin top for the gals or those love handles for the guys.

Standing crunches: Stand with hand behind ears. Lift one knee to chest and twist so opposite elbow touches the knee. Repeat on opposite side. Do twenty of each side.

Russian Twist: Sit on floor with back slightly leaning back with abs tight and back straight twist torso until elbow is passed the opposite knee. Do this on opposite sides for 20 each total.

Side plank: One of the most simple and effective oblique exercises is the side plank. Lay on side and prop yourself up on elbow. Lift hips off ground and hold for a count of three and come down. Before the hips hit the ground–lift the hips again.

Elevated plank: Now this one is a bit harder but if you elevate yourself on a safe surface you will do well to work your target area much better.

Stability ball plank: This is much like the above one but it is a bit harder yet. You can use the exercise ball instead and use your core muscles to balance. This will target your abs all the way around.

High plank from hands: This is another graduation–one of many of the plank. Move yourself up off the ball and the book or step and do the exercise from this elevated position.

Planks are actually the best target exercises for your obliques, and it is also one of the best to tone the whole area of your stomach. If you aren’t as much into planks, then try these.

Standing twists: This is an old-school yet effective exercise for the toning of the waistline. Simply grab a broom stick or just place your hands on your hips and twist. In order to do this the right way, you need to make sure your back and torso are straight and you keep it that way through the entire twist. You can alternate between sides or you can do one side then the other.

These exercises are simple but effective oblique exercises to target love handles.

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