Stop Being a Grouchy Dieter With These Tips

Losing weight can make you a grouchy dieter and for more reasons that you may think. Your diet affects your mood in so many ways. This is one of the major reasons for having mood swings when you are calorie restricting.

It is also because you are restricting yourself from foods that you normally love and that can really put a damper on the day for you–and everyone around you. Did you know, studies show that people that are dieting can be as grouchy as those who have stopped smoking? These are some of the things we will cover for you today and help you to prevent it from taking over.

Blood sugar, dieting and moods:

We will begin with this one because it is the one that most people don’t even think of. When we use calorie restriction we send our body’s into shock. Our blood glucose levels fluctuate and when it hits a low point–it causes hypoglycemic issues. This is always earmarked by grouchiness among other symptoms. This may be the only real sign you get if you are not actually hypoglycemic. So, when you start to feel like this–you need to eat something of a carbohydrate. Hypoglycemia is not a sweets issue–it is more of a carb issue. Your body needs energy and it is asking for it in this way.

The best way to both lose weight faster and beat the grouchy dieter syndrome;

The best way to lose weight faster and change your mood is to eat a hypoglycemic diet. This is the way we all should be eating anyway to prevent weight gain and for general health. This means eating healthy stuff every few hours–like 3-4 hours. Like eating some nuts and then some cherry tomatoes and then a tuna salad sammy then another healthy snack and then a healthy dinner. This will ensure balance and good health.

Best way to conquer the calorie restriction blues:

Sometimes it is not the blood sugar issue but just the fact that you are restricting the things you love from your diet. This is normal but not really necessary. You need to have a cheat day where you take yourself out for that something. You also need to have daily moderation for your favorite foods. Just think portion control and not restriction and you won’t be such a grouchy dieter.

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