Healthy Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight Easily

When we diet we get all into eating ‘healthy” but we may be sabotaging our efforts. Healthy food can be rich in good fats that you need like omega fatty acids and amino acids but they can also be high in calories. This means they are the best foods for energy so you shouldn’t take them out of your diet–you need to keep them in–just in smaller doses otherwise they will make you gain weight easily.

Healthy foods that can make you gain weight easily:

Avocado: This is one tasty nutty flavored favorite for everyone. It also can house enough calories for a steak dinner so watch out! People think that it weighs in heavy when it is in guacamole but, it is just as bad when it’s alone!

Nuts: This is another culprit and no one is immune. Want a deadly calorie combo? Go to a bar and get a couple of beers down with a lovely handful of fat–yes nuts! You can rack up some good ones this way.

Watch those protein bars: When you have one or two during the day make sure you are counting them as a meal replacement. These pack a lot of calories yet people aren’t aware because they are so small–they are eaten like snacks. However, they are meal replacements–like shakes.

Trail Mix: Another great “snack” people love is trail mix. Granola being the biggest culprit. If you notice–everything we have covered so far is incredibly healthy and also contains a nut of some sort.

Dates and figs: These are more sweet and delicious but high calorie little natural treats. They are also packed with sugar. These are another wonderful thing to have in your diet that needs a little love and care and portion control.

Chocolate: This is another food that eaten in moderation and in its darkest most bitter form, it is great for your heart health so it as well should not be taken from the diet. But of course down to an ounce a day.

Beware of gluten-free foods. These tend to have a lot of calories that are hidden as well. Gluten free is great for those with an intolerance, but not so good for watching the waistline due to added sugars or fats.

Liquid Goodness: Another one you may not be aware of is vitamin waters of any kind. These tasty drinks can make you gain weight easily. So please do not drink these like regular water–drink them once a day for a vitamin boost. Speaking of drinks, beware of the smoothie! Though they are mostly fruit–just remember that fruit like banana and strawberries have a high sugar content. It is essential that you also look at protein powders that you are mixing in with them. The best powder to use is hemp powder. This is a very complete protein and provides omegas and aminos which is awesome without the bad calories.

These are the main culprits that you need to be wary of. Once you get these foods balanced that make you gain weight easily then you can eat healthier and have no issues!

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