Why Basic Exercises are Popular Again

In the quest to lose weight and change your body, you might think that you have to try the latest fitness trend. Though variety is always a key element to success, you will often find that the most basic exercises can also be the most beneficial. This is counterintuitive to a lot of people who feel that they need to push themselves with new and explosive exercises.

The reality is that using the weight of your own body as resistance, and using fundamental exercises you can get fit faster. So why has this trend shifted? Just why are so many people turning to the very exercises that they did years ago to help them transform their body? There are a variety of reasons why they work, and it’s time to explore every one of them!

Think Of Some of the Most Fundamental Movements

Start by thinking about what you might consider to be basic exercises so that you can get a point of reference. The list is long, but a few of these exercises can include the following:

  • Push Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • “Fast Feet”
  • Planks
  • Pull Ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Squats or Burpees

What you see about this list that all of these basic exercises have in common is that they don’t need anything but your body’s own resistance to perform them. No fancy equipment, no crazy fitness routine, just performing them using the strength of your body to do them well. So the convenience and easy approach to these exercises makes them a hit. Not only that, but they work well when you combine them into an interval based routine that happens to be quite comprehensive.

You can perform these basic exercises from anywhere, and when you mix them up you not only get variety but a great mix of cardio, strength training, flexibility, and endurance. So you raise the heart rate and you also focus work on toning at the same time. Sure you can add weights, but you can get great results just performing them on their own.

These Exercises Are Accessible To Anyone

This is very attractive to people who are just starting out with fitness, or those who need a change. If you have been stuck at a plateau for example, then these exercises can really help to break through that and help you to add muscle and burn fat. You get a nice variety with these exercises and they can be done easily as you build up on your progress.

When you think about basic exercises there are so many wonderful reasons that they are gaining in popularity. Sure you can do kickboxing or follow along with the latest fitness trend and get a good workout. If you want something that is easy to perform, convenient to do from anywhere, and gives you a good overall body workout then these are the best exercises out there. As you build upon your progress you can try different variations of them or you can add weight, but these are accessible exercise for anyone that get results—and therefore they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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