3 Signs You’re Reaching a Fitness Level Body Fat Percentage

3 Signs You’re Reaching a Fitness Level Body Fat Percentage

When you’re trying to get more fit, you might wonder whether or not you’re making any progress. It’s one thing to lose a few pounds, but how do you know if you’re truly making it toward a fitness level body fat percentage?

After all, being able to understand whether or not you’re getting where you want to be can help you to decide if you should keep up the efforts you’ve been making or if you need to change. It helps you to better understand the impact your strategy is having and where you can make things even better. That said, just knowing your weight or BMI or other related figures isn’t the only way to know if you’re coming close to a fitness level body fat percentage. Your body can actually send you certain signals as well.


Watch for These Fitness Level Body Fat Percentage Signs


1. Your weight loss is slowing down or has plateaued


You may discover that when you get on the scale, you’re not burning through the pounds as you used to. There are many reasons for this, but one of them could be that you have stopped burning excess body fat and that you are now reaching a much fitter level. When you have reached a fitness level body fat percentage, you don’t have as much to burn away anymore so your overall weight loss will slow or stop. This is particularly true when you have been gaining muscle mass at the same time.

2. You’re changing shape


When you start coming closer to a fitness level body fat percentage, you may find that your clothes are fitting differently. You’re slimmer in areas where you used to be rounder and you may even be larger in other areas, depending on where you have built lean muscle mass. This doesn’t mean that you have accumulated a huge amount of additional muscle, but when you get fit, you may find that your muscle is visible where it didn’t used to be.


3. You feel like you’re in better shape


When you are building a fitter body, it will feel better. You’ll feel stronger, more balanced and even more energetic. What used to make you feel tired and winded is easier for you and you’ll need to do more in order to challenge yourself. A fitness level body fat is, after all, a part of a fitter body and that is something you can feel, particularly when you compare your current achievements with those from when you just started.

As you experience these various changes and signs, let them motivate you to keep up the good work. Feel proud of yourself. You earned it.

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