How to Lose Weight When You’re Short

How to Lose Weight When You’re Short

Knowing how to lose weight when you’re short is a different experience than it is for your taller counterparts. While five pounds may not seem like much at all when you’re an average height or more, if you shop in the petite section, it can feel like a crisis. When you’re 5 foot 2 inches, it takes less weight to make a visible change on your body.

What’s worse is that trying to lose weight when you’re short can be more of a struggle. That same 5 pounds that makes a huge difference to your body can also be a pain in the backside to lose. Why? Blame your metabolism.

Lose Weight When You’re Short with a Slow Metabolism

The average woman has a basal metabolic rate (BMR) of about 1,400 calories per day. That means that if the average woman does absolutely nothing all day long, her body will need 1,400 calories to function. This can come from food or stored body fat.

However, it’s not uncommon for women closer to 5 feet tall to have a BMR of 1,200 calories per 24 hours. That can make a big difference to your ability to lose weight and to your risk of gaining. Does that mean you’re doomed to be overweight? Of course not. But you will need to know a strategy meant to help you to lose weight when you’re short.

Tips to Lose Weight When You’re Short

• Eat for your size

If you’re sitting next to someone who is 5 foot 10 and you’re 5 foot 2, you shouldn’t have the same portion sizes on your plate. You might want to eat the same size meal as your tall friend but you’ll face consequences if you do. Instead, scale back your calories to a number appropriate for being able to lose weight when you’re short.

• Feed your hunger

If you find that you’re hungry after cutting back your calories, eat more snacks. Just make sure they’re smart snacks when you want to lose weight when you’re short. This should include foods that are high in fiber and water, sometimes with added protein, too. That way you’ll feel fuller without adding to many calories at the same time.

• Start strength training

Start lifting weights and strength training a couple of times per week. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism will run. This can make a powerful difference to your ability to burn calories and fat.

• Don’t forget nutrition

Pay close attention to your vitamin and mineral intake. As you need to eat fewer calories than a taller person, it can be more challenging to balance your diet. Use a nutrition tracker to help you to make certain you’re getting the nutrients you need even within your calorie limit.

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