Tips to Avoid Binge Eating Disasters

We all have a tendency to overeat but there are some great tips to avoid binge eating disasters. No matter what type of eating habits you have there is always room for improvement. It can be certain foods that trigger the whole overeating within you. It can be special occasions or certain temptations.

Even if it’s just a minor loss in willpower then you will find that avoiding overeating is something that you can do with some discipline. So before you assume that binge eating or overeating in general is just a pattern that you will fall into, here are some great tips to help you along in the process.

Learn To Really Listen To Your Body

This may be one of the most helpful tips to help you avoid binge eating disasters. You think that you are hungry, but are you really listening to your body? Are you really listening to your body when it tells you that you are full? So many of us just keep on eating even after our body tells us that it’s full beyond a doubt.

So if you would just listen to the signals that your body is giving you, then the whole cycle could be avoided. Eating slowly and really resting along the way can give you a chance to listen to what your body is telling you. Then you are sure to eat only what you really need and never more than you want at any one sitting.

Understand What Makes Up Proper Portions

For many people it’s a simple lack of education as to what makes up a proper portion size. If you go out to eat then you are inevitably served far more than you need at any one sitting. If you cook for yourself or even your family it’s so easy to eat more than you need because it’s there. Learning that a proper serving of meat is the size of your hand as one example can really help. One of the best tips for avoiding binge eating is to educate yourself on what makes up a proper serving—and then sticking to it as you make the right food choices!

Never Eat Out of Boredom or Emotional Upset

Last but certainly not least is the notion that you never want to eat out of boredom, stress, or depression. Mindless eating can be a great way to eat too much and gain weight in the process. So one of the best tips to avoid binge eating is to eat for fuel and energy and when you need it. Don’t just eat when you are upset or bored or just because the food is there as it will always hurt you. Eat for the right reasons and avoid the traps that can cause you to eat more than you need, and you will be just fine.

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