5 Reasons to Take the Yoga Challenge

Yoga is not limited to unbelievably sexy and flexible women in tight clothing. There are many benefits to taking the yoga challenge, especially if you want to improve your mental focus, relax your body and even boost your libido. Eventually, yoga can help you become so flexible that you can touch your toes just by bending at the waist. The best thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere at any time without having to purchase any special equipment. All you need is a quiet spot where you can take up the yoga challenge and enhance your flexibility and balance.

1. Relieve Stress
There are many ways to deal with stress and yoga is not only a de-stressor but also helps you tone your body. An intense workout at the gym can really stress you out but combining it with a session of yoga is a great technique for relaxation.

Apart from training your body, the yoga challenge also helps you improve your state of mind. For the utmost relaxing session, perform yoga without the interruption of texts, calls or emails.

2. Get Flexible
Flexibility is the forte of yoga. The different yoga positions and postures stretch out your muscles and over time your body becomes more flexible. If you happen to participate in some kind of sport, such as tennis or track, the effects of doing yoga everyday can be beneficial. Yoga not only improves your overall endurance, but also promotes good digestion and detoxifies your body.

3. Build Muscles
Many yoga moves involve using body weight which helps build muscle mass and strength. Yoga is a full body workout that targets every muscle in your body. After a single session, you will be able to feel which muscles were worked during yoga.

4. Prevent Injuries
As you improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, your risk for injury decreases as well. Yoga helps you understand how far your body can go and the ability to assess yourself helps decrease incidences of injury, especially if you participate in high endurance activities. If you do happen to injure yourself, your flexible muscles will recover a lot more quickly.

5. Improve Sexual Performance
You can apply your yoga techniques in the bedroom as well. Your flexible muscles, relaxed state of mind and breathing activities all come in handy during coitus. You will be able to perform for longer periods of time and if your partner is as flexible as you, you can even experiment with different sex positions. Your improved levels of focus can help you channel positive sexual energy towards your partner and it will also help you avoid premature ejaculation. You will be more responsive and your partner will thank you for your yoga challenge.

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