Mega Weight Loss Without Surgery Stories

Mega amounts of weight loss without surgery is great but not always easy so we are exposing you to some inspiration with a story or two. These regular people lost 100 lbs. or more without the aid of surgery. It seems people believe that only gastric bypass or lap band will do it and that is simply not true. It is possible to achieve large scale weight loss without surgery and here are some everyday people to prove it.

Sergio Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez is a very happy man who lost 100 lbs. and he didn’t even exercise much at all beyond walking. He claims he never followed a particular regimen either. He says the first thing he stresses more than anything else is to consult your doctor first. The other is to measure because he states that what you can’t measure, you can’t control. He also stated he ate all the time, that’s right; it’s small meals all the way. He made 30% of his meals all protein and avoided heavy carbs. He also used all natural supplements for those days that he left the carb-load behind.

Jared S. Fogle – The Subway guy

This is a famous one worldwide. He is a regular guy who lost weight by finding a way to eat Subway ™ sub sandwiches for incredible weight loss results. He was focused on by the media because he became a Subway ™ spokesperson. Here is the way he did it. Basically, he gained a ton of weight by eating nothing but fast food and frankly, he was hooked on condiments like mayonnaise. He decided to switch to a healthier option like Subway ™ and kick the mayo habit for maybe mustard or one of those great sandwich spreads they use that are not half as dangerous. He also decided to start exercising and making better food choices because he was also pretty sedentary. And before long, he achieved incredible weight loss without surgery.

He, like Sergio realized the thing to do is to cut out anything that was a massive contributor like the condiments and the bread in Sergio’s case. Then, take stock of what your biggest temptation is like fast food for Jared. Next, get to the bottom of what you know causes you as an individual to gain the most weight. Finally, make a doable plan such as getting a physical and measure what you eat as Sergio did or just jump in and choose a food like Jared did. Diversify, strike the bad stuff from it and exercise. It’s all an individual endeavor.

Whatever your starting point, use these stories about weight loss without surgery to inspire and motivate on your journey to a smaller you.

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