Exercises That Target Cellulite Prone Areas

It’s something that many of us want to forget about, and yet focusing on exercises that target cellulite prone areas can be important. This is one of those problem areas that so many people want to pretend they don’t have. Cellulite is such an ugly part of gaining weight and it can be very difficult to lose. The reality is though that if you perform the right exercises for the most common problem areas for cellulite, you can transform your body in the healthiest way possible.

For most people the backs of the thighs and the buttocks are the common source of cellulite. So you want the very best exercises that target cellulite and help you to get rid of it once and for all. If you can stay focused in this way then you can make cellulite a thing of the past. You want to eat a balanced diet and really lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, but these targeted exercises can work wonders.

If you want the best exercises that target cellulite then these are it. Try to perform these daily or at least several times each week. You will see results quickly and go after and attack that terrible cellulite that can plague you.


By far one of the best exercises that target cellulite and easy enough to perform. Stand with legs hip width apart and slowly lower yourself as low as you can go. The key however is in good form and that means that you put all of the weight in the ankles, so that you can literally lift your toes up if you want. Squat back as if you are sitting in a chair and hold the position before you raise slowly back up. Keep these up and you will see progress!


Start with legs hip width apart and your hands on your hips. Then slowly step forward with one leg and then bend at the knee. Lower yourself to the ground in this lunge position, ensuring that your front knee never comes over your toes. The back leg should be what lowers you down and gets closest to the ground. Take your time with these and alternate the legs throughout each set. Try adding weights or trying side or back lunges for variety.

Dead Lifts

This is one of the best exercises that target cellulite and you don’t even notice how hard you are working at the time. You are using the back of your legs and buttocks to lift your body up from bending over, and also to lower yourself back down. Add extra resistance as you move slowly throughout these exercises with weights that you hold. If you take the time to perform this just right you will feel the burn the next day, and that means that it’s going after your target area.

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