Five Moves that Promote a Beautiful Backside

With the obsession over having perfect bottoms and abs it’s a wonder the bums and tums classes are all filling up fast every week at every gym. But, there are things you can do without having to spend on an expensive gym membership. Promoting a beautiful backside doesn’t have to be complicated. Here we will show you five simple moves you can do at home, while you travel in a hotel room or anywhere you are staying–it’s that simple and will give you the same result.


First a word on why these five moves are just as good as going to a gym–targeting is the key to success not a class. When you do small tight movements you can get amazing and fast results because all the energy of the movement is being concentrated into that muscle–hence the word target—you are targeting the muscle to shape your rear for a beautiful backside.

Butt crunches

Ah yes, the butt crunch–the tried and true of all bum shapers in the world! There is a good reason too. It targets the large and small muscles of the bum so you gain that beautiful backside. OK so here is how it’s done.

1. Stand with legs about 4 feet apart at shoulder width.

2. Hands to your sides

3. Start squeezing your glutes together and hold for a count of three and release

4. Repeat 25 times or more but no less

You can do this sitting in a chair with hands holding on to the sides of the chair and back aligned with the back of the chair as well. You can do this one in your office!


This is another mobile exercise that travels very well. All you need is a chair, stable counter or wall to place both hands on–as long as the back is kept straight.

1. Hold on to your stabilizer of choice

2. Keep back straight

3. Start with the right leg and sweep the leg back until you can’t go any further without arching the back.

4. Do this 25 times or more each leg

Back Arches

1. Lay on back

2. Hands to sides

3. Knees bent

4. Lift bottom off ground as high as comfortable and squeeze bum as in butt crunches

5. Repeat 25 times or more

Squat and crunch

1. Stand straight

2. Hands on hips

3. Feet 4 feet apart

4. Squat keeping butt above knees

5. Squeeze bum on the way up and hold for 3 seconds

6. Repeat 25 times or more

Walking for the butt

When you walk -go heel to toe in longer strides than usual. On the way back on the balls of your feet–squeeze bum. Keep repeating for at least ΒΌ mile a day or more–no less.

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