The Biggest Nutrition Myths That Are Keeping You from Losing Weight

There are many nutrition myths circling around that have a huge effect on your weight loss efforts. Most of these myths have been going for a long time, and it’s about time they’re busted.

Myth #1: Eggs Can Raise Your Cholesterol Levels Drastically

One of the most common nutrition myths is that eggs can raise your cholesterol levels. There is no doubt about the fact that extremely high cholesterol levels can damage the heart. Moreover, high cholesterol levels can cause all sorts of health issues. Unfortunately, most people remove eggs from their diet thinking that this will help to control their cholesterol levels. However, eggs have a very low quantity of cholesterol. In fact, eggs contain a hefty supply of vitamins and minerals that can benefit the body.

Myth #2: Salt in All Forms Can Damage Health

A high quantity of sodium can be damaging to your health. Due to this, many people consider eating less salt. However, not all methods of consuming salt are damaging to your health. For instance, if you boil veggies in water and add salt, it can be beneficial. This is because the salt that is added to water helps the veggies retain nutrients. In most cases when you boil vegetables, the nutrients leach out. This makes them less nutritious. But salty water helps retain the nutrients in veggies, making them more nutritious than boiled vegetables would otherwise be.

Myth #3: Fried Foods Are Extremely Unhealthy

One of the oldest nutrition myths is regarding fried foods. Most health-conscious people will prefer eating boiled or baked goods over fried ones because the latter are said to be fatty. However, this is not the case. Fried foods are only unhealthy when they remain in oil for too long. Excessive exposure to oil allows the food to soak up the oil, and it becomes fattier. But if the food is cooked mildly in hot oil, it will fry quicker and will absorb less fat. This is why you should always follow the cooking instructions for fried foods. Remember that the longer the food remains in oil, the fattier it will be.

Myth #4: Excessive Fiber Consumption Is Healthy

Out of the many nutrition myths, the most intriguing one is regarding consumption of fiber. Most people maintain a strict fiber diet during their weight loss efforts. However, they rarely consider the source. They end up consuming fibers from all sources. Research shows that not all forms of fiber are good for the body. This is why one should consider eating only the healthy fiber sources instead of consuming excessive fiber regardless of its source.

Now that these myths are busted, you will be able to lose weight effectively.

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