Defeat Depression While Getting in Shape

Depression has been the crux of studies for decades but never as much as it now has been. There are as many reasons that you can attribute to depression as there are people, but there are some excellent ways to defeat depression that are actually great for most people across the board and we will tell you why here. What’s more, you can do this while getting in shape!

How do certain therapies defeat depression?

There are a variety of therapies that are non-drug oriented and non-invasive that have seen some pretty effective results. This is because these therapies help to stimulate and release chemicals in the brain that are feel-good chemicals. The same happens with drugs, but in mild to moderate cases of depression—barring any other underlying condition there are therapies that our brains will respond positively to. These can be used separately or combined to create a highly effective therapy.

Music: Music that appeals to the person is always a mood lifter but, it has been shown that classical and soft meditation music is best to release serotonin-dopamine and norepinephrine. There are even further studies that will show brain waves that are more conducive to the release of these chemicals as well called alpha and theta waves. You can find specialized YouTube sessions under meditation for this called binaural beats—which produces these specific brain waves.

Cardio: There is no better way to get those chemicals going in the blood than cardio! You don’t have to go to a cardio blast group to achieve it. All you really need is movement for 20 minutes keeping your heart rate elevated. Your body gives you a “runners high” and that—after some practice will become more of your normal state because your body and brain will think this feels so yummy that it will crave whatever you were doing to bring that on.

Color therapy: This is another one that you can do yourself. There are internet guides on what colors mean what. All you need is a small light and different color lenses. These are plastic heat resistant films that go over the lights. As you meditate and focus on the soft light it will also serve to stimulate these chemicals. You can also buy a light therapy lamp on line if you are really into it.

Combining these therapies with an open mind would be a healthy alternative to drugs. Combine these three highly effective therapies to create a musical, colorful, cardio routine that really gets those happy chemicals flowing. You can defeat depression and get in shape too!

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