Counting Down the Healthiest Meats You Can Eat

If you eat meat, you should consume only the healthiest meats that have the least amount of fat and cholesterol. Remember, too, that research has shown that limiting the amount of meat that you eat every week can be very beneficial to your overall health, so you don’t want to overdo it on the red meat, chicken, and fish.

Keep reading for a list of the healthiest meats that you can eat in moderation. Be sure to add plenty of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet, as they’ll provide you with antioxidants and fiber to keep your body lean and strong.

3. Grass-Fed, Free-Range Beef
When consuming any meat, including beef, you want to stick with free-range animals that were fed a natural, species-appropriate diet, and that weren’t given any antibiotics or hormones. This is why you should have grass-fed beef. Its vitamin E levels are three times greater than grain-fed beef, and the meat is also leaner while being a bit higher in protein.

2. Organic, Free-Range Chicken
Again, you want your meat to be free-range, organic, naturally fed, and antibiotic and hormone free, so stick with the highest quality chicken you can find. This meat has high amounts of protein, and it’s also less likely to contain antibiotic resistant bacteria than conventionally raised chicken. Remember, too, that factory farmed chickens have tested positive for arsenic, which is a carcinogen that’s added to their feed in order to speed up their growth. Conventional chickens are also fed antidepressants, painkillers, and caffeine to make them grow more quickly and to keep them alert so they eat more.

1. Canned Fish
Canned fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, so consume moderate amounts of canned sardines and canned salmon. Be sure that the fish you purchase is sustainably harvested, though, as overfishing is wreaking havoc on wild fish populations and on myriad forms of marine life. Also, sustainably harvested fish tend to not contain high levels of contaminants, such as PCBs and mercury, that are very bad for your health (another reason to consume only small amounts of fish).

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
Whether you eat meat or not, you can also consume some delicious and nutritious plant-based meat alternatives. Brands like Gardein, Beyond Meat, Field Roast, Tofurkey, and Lightlife are just a few of the many options that are now available in grocery stores everywhere. These meats come from plants, are loaded with nutrients including protein, and can easily be used to replace regular meat in your favorite dishes.

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