Rent a Luxury Villa and Visit a Magical Town Called Tequila Mexico

Rent a Luxury Villa and Visit a Magical Town Called Tequila Mexico

Tequila Mexico is a real place and, for reasons you might not expect, it is officially known as a magical town. That’s right, the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism has labeled this location as a Pueblo Mágico, which really does mean “Magic Town”. While the popularity of the town has long been linked to the drink that boasts the same name, the history behind the location is becoming increasingly important to modern travelers.

What’s the Deal with Tequila Mexico

Tequila Mexico is found within the state of Jalisco, which is located in the central part of the country. Though it is now most associated with tequila, the drink, it was actually in existence well before the beverage was even invented.

To get to Tequila Mexico, most people will first head to Guadalajara, the second largest city in the country. While that may not be your ultimate destination, if this is your one chance to see the city, it’s a good idea to take it. From there, it’s easy to hop onto a train called the Jose Cuervo Express.

This is not your typical railway express. Instead, it’s a vintage style train in black and gold that runs exclusively on weekends and will provide you with an astoundingly scenic journey. In fact, you’ll be viewing areas where cowboys still ride – on horseback, no doubt – and where agave is hand chopped. If you don’t know much about agave, you’re sure to learn a lot more about it in Tequila Mexico.

Finding a Master Tequilier in Tequila Mexico

The train ride, itself, features a master tequilier who will teach you all the ins and outs of the spirit. This includes facts about its history, how it is made, which types are appropriate for sipping and which forms are appropriate for drinks like margaritas. You’ll even find out how to tell a good one from a cheap one that has been sweetened with sugar such as corn syrup.

Once you arrive in Tequila Mexico, armed with all that information, there are many places you can go to try out various types of the drink, served by a master tequilier, of course. Take your time and experience this magic town, staying overnight in one of its many hotels. The next day, you’ll be all set to head off and spend some time in another part of the country. A luxury villa rental in the nearby state of Nayarit will give you a gorgeous experience, away from the typical tourist centers.

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