How to Eat Less at Holiday Dinners

Holiday dinners offer a great opportunity to celebrate the festivities with your friends and loved ones. Sadly, this can also result in overeating, and for many the holiday season turns out to be a weight-gaining season. Studies find that holiday eating could lead you to gain several additional pounds. Considering this situation, with its effect on weight gain throughout your lifetime, presents a scary picture.

Holidays don’t necessarily have to be associated with weight gain, however. By incorporating a few tips and tricks, you can easily curb your cravings and eat less at holiday dinners without offending anyone. Just make sure that during the holidays your focus is on maintaining a healthy balance of food and fruits along with physical activity at all times. When you implement some of these practical solutions when savoring sumptuous holiday dinners, you are guaranteed to eat less.

Don’t Skip Meals Before the Party – Some people starve themselves for the whole day when they have a big event planned for the evening. This may save you from cooking for yourself in the afternoon, but it harms your body more than you likely imagine. Make sure you have a light snack prior to the dinner, such as fresh vegetables or raw fruit, in order to curb your appetite and make you less likely to overindulge.

Analyze Party Buffets Prior to Piling Up Your Plate – Another way to eat less at holiday dinners is by sticking to your favorite foods and skipping the ones you have never tried or are not a fan of. If you don’t want to try something that looks too fat-filled, you don’t have to eat it just for the sake of doing so. Mix vegetables and fruits with your main course to balance your plate.

Select Your Beverages Wisely – Alcohol is infamous for cutting people loose. Therefore, it can also make you overeat when you are not thinking rationally. On the other hand, be aware of non-alcoholic beverages that are rich in sugar and calories.

Shift Your Focus – When you are invited to or hosting a holiday dinner, it’s always about the food. However, when you think of the holiday dinner as an opportunity to connect to your loved ones, the focus is automatically shifted from food to people. If the dinner is at your place, include some lively games or activities and decorate your home. Your guests will thank you, too, for offering something to look forward to other than the food.

Make Your Own Healthy Dish for a Holiday Dinner – When you are attending holiday parties, you can eat less at holiday dinners by preparing and bringing your own dish that is low in fat and calories, to make sure a large portion of your plate is filled with a healthy option.

You are allowed to eat as much as you want at holiday dinners, but you must aim to eat until satisfied, not until you feel stuffed. Eat in small portions, mingle with your loved ones, and go lightly on the dessert. Although these are only a few simple tips for eating less during the holiday season, they will do you tremendous good in the long run.

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