I Tried TRIMTHIN X700 Before Workouts and This is What Happened

I Tried TRIMTHIN X700 Before Workouts and This is What Happened

Here’s the story of why I started using TRIMTHIN X700 before workouts. You’ll see why it’s a story worth sharing once you find out about my experience. I’d been dragging for the last few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the days are getting shorter, that I’ve been having a few sleep struggles, or if it’s because I’ve been extremely busy both at work and at home. Everything just seems to be happening right now, all at the same time! This has made it somewhat challenging to make sure I’m pouring everything I have into my workouts.

Learning About TRIMTHIN X700 Before Workouts

A few times, I felt like I just didn’t have it in me. I’d complete the exercises, but not with the gusto I’d usually be able to put into them. This frustrates me because I feel like if I’m not giving my top performance, I’m wasting my time. I’m really not getting the results I should be able to squeeze out of every minute. When time is short, as it has been lately, I just don’t have it to spare for workouts I’m not going to get the most out of.

I vented about my struggles to a friend of mine, who had been using TRIMTHIN X700 for the last three months. Yes, this is one of those “my friend told me about this product…” stories. But here’s what happened when I decided to order some for myself.

Giving it a Try

To begin with, I bought only one bottle because I’d had my doubts. I always have my doubts. Now I wish I’d bought two or three bottles at the same time so I could take advantage of the multiple-order discount. Hindsight is 20/20, so they say. To be fair to me, I had no way of knowing that I’d like these pills as much as I do.

Once I got them, I read the bottle to make sure I was clear on how to use them. It was easy enough. Take one a half hour before breakfast and another one a half hour before lunch. So, I started the next day (to get a fresh start).

A Fresh Start with TRIMTHIN X700 Before Workouts

For the first half hour after I swallowed one of the super-crazy fire engine red capsules, it didn’t really feel like anything was happening. I had my breakfast and headed out for my morning walk. I head out at the same time every day and arrive home at the same time every day. One of my neighbors jokes that he could set his clock by me. So, when I got home again and sat down to take off my shoes, only to realize I was home seven minutes earlier, I was very surprised, to say the least.

The next thing I noticed was that I didn’t crave a mid-morning coffee. I felt fine. I had a hot water with lemon, instead. I took my next pill a half hour before lunch and had a great, motivated afternoon. I blasted through my work and found myself laughing with people, just generally having a good day. On my way home, I stopped at the gym for my workout.

What a difference! Instead of dragging and pretty much pushing myself through the workout just because all I could think about was getting home and eating dinner, I was driven! I was pumped! I made it through every exercise at a rate that I swear was my personal best. By that point, I was ready to chock it up to the placebo effect, but it happened the next day, too. TRIMTHIN X700 is helping me get the most out of the workouts I do every day. It feels great.


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