The Worst Protein Bars for Your Health

Protein bars can be a great way to snack in a healthy way and get a much-needed boost of energy whenever you need it throughout the day. But eating the wrong protein bars could actually do more harm than good. Just as you would analyze all of the other foods that you eat in order to determine if they are really the best choice for your weight and long-term health, you should carefully look at the ingredients and nutrition facts of protein bars.

To make shopping for the right protein bars easier, continue reading to learn about the worst protein bars for your health.

Luna Bar
The Luna Bar in the Lemon Zest flavor is one of the worst protein bars on the market because it actually contains more sugar than fiber and protein combined. Plus, it contains processed soy in several forms, which means there are likely GMO ingredients in this product. Another ingredient that should be avoided is this protein bar’s natural flavor, which could, in reality, be a cocktail of harmful additives that you should be avoiding. Overall, this protein bar isn’t nutritious and it contains a lot of inexpensive, poor quality ingredients.

The ThinkThin Protein Bar in Chunky Peanut Butter flavor has 20 grams of protein, which sounds great, but when you look more deeply into the ingredients, you quickly realize that this is yet another on the list of the worst protein bars. First off, most of the protein in this bar actually comes from processed, cheap sources, and other unwanted ingredients include natural flavors and canola oil. Also, the ingredient caseinate could suppress your body’s ability to absorb minerals, and there are sugar alcohols that are used to make this protein bar sweet instead of using traditional sugar, but those alcohols can be detrimental to your digestive system.

The PowerBar Protein Plus bar in chocolate brownie is loaded with sugar. It contains 27 grams of sugar from various sweeteners, such as fructose syrup, maltitol syrup, and cane invert syrup. Plus, it contains non-organic, processed soy ingredients that you should avoid.

These are just a few of the many bad protein bars that claim to healthy for you. When you shop for protein bars, don’t just read the front of the label; instead, make sure you thoroughly read through the ingredients list and the nutrition facts label to really see what is in the food before you eat it.

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