Creating a Positive Body Image From Within

One is ruled by the body image one has. This is more in the mind and a poison which permeates the very soul of the person who harbors this perception. The body image issue is one that has been more associated with the female but now with the “metro sexual” and the “manscaping” there is so much more pressure on our men. This is now a societal disease and the media is now causing humankind – especially in the U.S. to polarize. Positive body image is a very important thing to have, especially now.

What is going on with body image in our society?

In what we now call civilized culture—we have been polarized between the beautiful and the proud not to be. We are generally either promoting thin at any cost or we are saying “take me as I am” meaning I am overweight and staying that way to spite the skinny in the world. What do we want from the people who come to our website? We want you healthy and understanding the media is a liar. It uses your situation regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on to sell you products and services you don’t need. They don’t promote positive body image – they promote a lie. 

The steps to a healthy positive body image:

First you have to understand that we are not made differently just so that we can change that and be clones of some societal norm that is near impossible to achieve. Realize that cosmetic companies and the like want your money by telling you that you deserve to feel good about yourself by doing whatever it takes to look good and then bombard you with images of what looking good is supposed to be. This is the trap we have to avoid. The same can be said for remaining overweight because there are now people promoting this. Both sides are unhealthy and you are only giving in to a different side but the same thing—and it will hurt you—period.

Second, you need to start noticing your good points and build on them and use them. Your hair or your eyes or a part of your body that looks good and enhance it naturally.

Third, realize your looks are what initially attracts people but the whole package is what to work on. The personality and radiating love and positive energy is more powerful than outer beauty and you will reap the rewards as soon as you try it—what have you got to lose?

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