Cooking with Oil and a Healthy Diet: What You Need to Know

Cooking with Oil and a Healthy Diet: What You Need to Know

Many people who attempt to lose weight and get healthier will cut oil out of their diet, especially when it comes to oil that is used to fry foods. But did you know that you could follow a healthy diet and continue cooking with oil? Below is what you need to know so that you can get the benefits of oil without undoing your weight loss progress.

Know Which Oils to Use

Not all oils are created equal, so when it comes to cooking with oil while following a healthy diet, you need to know which oils are appropriate and which ones should be avoided.

• Coconut oil can be used when cooking at high heat, and you shouldn’t be scared off by the high saturated fat content of this oil either. That’s because this oil has medium chain triglycerides that are rapidly and easily used by your cells for energy, rather than stored as fat.

• Extra virgin olive oil is a great oil to use when cooking healthy meals at home. It is high in monounsaturated fat, which is a good kind of fat that might help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Plus, this oil also provides anti-inflammatory benefits. And because it is so versatile, you can use it in a variety of yummy recipes.

• Avocado oil is another beneficial oil that you can use when you are following a healthy diet. After all, you already know that avocados are good for you, so why not use the oil that is derived from them? Packed with beneficial fats, avocado oil could help boost the health of your cardiovascular system and your eyes, while also promoting healthy aging.

• Sesame oil is yet another great choice because it could lower your blood pressure while improving the health of your heart. You don’t have to feel guilty about adding this oil to your diet!

How to Cook with Oil

Now that you know a few of the best oils to cook healthy meals with, it’s time to cover how to cook with oil in a way that will be beneficial to your health and your waistline. Put simply, rather than frying, sauté your foods with a small amount of oil. The goal is to use as little oil as possible, and grill or bake your foods as often as possible too.

Now that you know the basics of cooking with oil while following a healthy diet, you can enjoy all the nutritional benefits of oil while slimming down and satisfying your taste buds.

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