My New Morning Obsession…Protein Coffee! How I Make It Yummy

My New Morning Obsession…Protein Coffee! How I Make It Yummy

Is it just me, or is coffee suddenly getting a very good name? After having been told to cut back on coffee for years, it’s now being linked with improved energy levels, focus, overall health and even longer life! Thank goodness, because I adore my morning coffee. Even better? This sudden reputation boost is encouraging us to come up with some even better ways to drink it! I recently spotted research suggesting that adding vitamin D drops to a morning cup of coffee is the best way to avoid deficiency. Still, my latest personal obsession is for protein coffee.

What a great way to combine something I need with something I love in the morning! I love the way they let me have my morning coffee – one of the best flavors in the world – and combine it with the protein I want my body to have handy after my workouts. It also leaves me more wiggle room for creating my breakfasts without having to focus quite as much on protein content. Just a word of caution: If you take a diet pill with stimulants like I sometimes do prior to workouts, use decaf to avoid side-effects from too much caffeine.

Although I alternate among several different recipes so that I’ll keep things interesting, there is one that I tend to go back to the most often because it’s delicious and contains very low carbs (giving me more space for carbs in the rest of my breakfast).

How simple is this? A cup of strong coffee or a shot (or two!) of espresso, a scoop of my favorite natural protein powder, a splash of half and half cream and a tablespoon of pure cacao powder. As an alternate, I may use pure cocoa powder if I’ve run out of cacao and forgot to replace it in time. They’re not the same and I genuinely like cacao more, but they’re both great.

It can be mixed in a shaker cup (add the coffee last if your cup is plastic), in a personal blender or even with an immersion blender. The point is just to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed, especially the protein powder.

This combination of creaminess with coffee and chocolate flavors absolutely makes my morning. After drinking this, there isn’t anything I can’t accomplish!

It’s also very filling. I tend to have a small bowl of steel cut oats and berries along with it just so that I’ll have what my body needs to get through my most intense morning workouts, but I try to keep that bowl small because I don’t want to feel too full when I’m trying to get started with my exercises. I’ve also been known to add a splash of my protein coffee to the oats and stir it in for a berry chocolaty breakfast!

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