This is My Hands-Down Favorite Private Luxury Retreat in Mexico

This is My Hands-Down Favorite Private Luxury Retreat in Mexico

I’ve traveled to Mexico several times and am always amazed at how different the experience is depending on the region or specific place I stay. I’ve stayed in some gorgeous resorts, which is where I fell in love with traveling to the country. However, since then, I’ve found my absolute favorite place to stay, hands down. It is in the form of a luxury retreat, a villa, in the state of Nayarit. It’s called Villa Estrella.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel somewhere that you’ll feel like you’re living a celebrity’s life – and yet still be able to afford it without making millions from your latest blockbuster – that’s how I felt when I stayed at Villa Estrella. Everything felt like it was taken care of for me. Suddenly, it’s like I didn’t feel stress at all anymore.

The first thing that I noticed when I first arrived at the villa was that it was exactly the way it was described on their website. The pictures looked just like the real thing and the description matched it precisely, right down to the natural culinary skill – and fantastic personality – of our own personal chef (which I still can’t believe we had twice per day for every day of our trip!).

I signed up for the meal plan and though I debated it at the time, I’m glad I made that choice. The next time I go back, I’ll do the same thing. It was wonderful to have breakfast and lunch made and arranged every day. Some days, we had the large meal for lunch and some days, we kept it to have for dinner. About ten minutes or so down the beach there were fantastic little places to get delicious seafood dishes. Our cravings for those usually dictated whether we were going to have our large meal at home as a lunch or dinner.

The Mexico beach villa is located right on the ocean. This made for a wonderful view while I was doing my workouts first thing every morning (yes, I managed to keep them up) and relaxing sounds while going to sleep at night. The entire property is incredible. I spent a lot of my time in the private pool, but headed to the bigger community pool as well.

Both Rosa and Sophia were very kind to us the entire time and helped to make sure we were always comfortable. It made us all feel as though we’d made some great new friends and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

Villa Estrella is off the beaten path and there certainly aren’t any malls nearby, but that was a gift that I wasn’t expecting. It felt so good to unplug, disconnect and step away from my normal life and experience a luxurious escape among very friendly people.

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