Best Prescription Diet Drugs

Best Prescription Diet Drugs

As the obesity rate steadily rises to new levels, physicians are looking for new methods to help patients lose weight when diet and exercise are not enough.  Over the last decade chemists and scientists are working steadily to find an answer to assist with weight loss on a global level.

What Are the Best Prescription Diet Drugs?

There have been many diet drugs and weight loss aids developed, but only a handful that have been approved and recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be distributed by physicians in prescription form. Three among most popular and effective prescription diet drugs that have proven to reduce weight include two prescription appetite suppressants known as Adipex and Phentermine and a fat inhibitor known as Xenical.

Each of these diet drugs have been distributed to patients that are classified as obese, which means that they are 30lbs or more over their recommended weight or have a body mass index (BMI) over 30. In clinical trials, participants have lost on average 5% or more of their weight.

How Do These Medications Work?

Phentermine and Adipex work in the same way. They are both prescription appetite suppressors and are responsible for triggering neurotransmitters that contain the chemicals serotonin and norepinepherine. Signals are sent to the central nervous system telling the brain that you are feeling full, which in turn suppresses your appetite.

Phentermine and Adipex are taken orally by capsules or tablets on an empty stomach before or two hours after eating breakfast. It should also be used in conjunction with diet and exercise for better results.

What Should You Know Before You Buy Adipex?

Before you buy Adipex, it’s good to know that Both Phentermine and Adipex can be habit forming and is considered a controlled substance and should be taken for short periods of time. Stopping these medications should be done gradually or withdrawal symptoms could be experienced. Some of the common side effects include hyperactivity, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea, upset stomach and insomnia. Some rare but serious side effects of Phentermine and Adipex include chest pain, rapid heartbeat, irritability, and shortness of breath.

What Can You Expect from Prescription Fat Blockers?

The prescription weight loss drug Xenical when compared to Phentermine and Adipex yields similar weight loss results but by inhibiting fat absorption instead of suppressing the appetite. Xenical works in the gastrointestinal tract where the majority of fat absorption occurs. Xenical targets lipase enzymes that are responsible for breaking down fat for absorption. Xenical blocks these enzymes preventing the breakdown of fat and restricting absorption. Instead, fat is removed from the body through bowel movements. Xenical should be taken during of within one hours of eating a meal that contains fat and is usually taken at least three times a day. Some of the most common side effects include oily stool, discolored stool, gas, loose stool, increased bowel movements, stomach pain, nausea and dark urine. Some rare but serious side effects include severe lower back pain, drowsiness, swelling, or blood in stool or urine.

Talk to Your Doctor About the Best Prescription Diet Pills

It’s important to know that just because a drug is considered to be one of the best prescription diet pills overall, it doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect choice for you.  Moreover, each of these individual pills reacts differently depending on the individual.  They have risks associated with them, ranging from interactions with other drug and supplements to causing problems with individuals with various types of medical condition, not to mention the risk of addiction and side effects.

If you want to know which products are truly the best prescription diet pills for you, or even if you should be using any of them at all, your best first step is to speak with your doctor and discuss your entire medical history as well as your current weight and health concerns. In this way, you can decide together if this is the right move to help you overcome your obesity or whether something else would be better advised.

Have You Tried These Medications?

If you have been prescribed Adipex Diet Pills, Xenical or Phentermine we would love to hear how they worked and if you had any success or issues while taking them.


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