Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Calories to Build Muscle

No one says there can’t be a positive way to use the fat and calories you will consume this Thanksgiving. If you take a proactive approach and a positive attitude—you can take advantage of Thanksgiving Calories to build muscle.

Muscles and fat:

Muscles and fat can be friends, just not on the body at the same time. But, think of the fat on the food as what they are—calories—and then look the calories for what they are and that is—energy. What does your body need for energy? Calories! Where do you get the calories from? The fat in your food that you need to take full advantage of to build muscle is what you do with those extra calories.

How to take advantage of Thanksgiving Calories to build muscle:

Your body likes fats to build muscle and if you work out with less cardio and more resistance training you will have those calories used in no time and well before they turn to useless fat from empty calories. It takes about 24-48 hours for your body to have fully converted calories into fat. So here are the simple and easy suggestions to halting that conversion.

How to time the process:

Start early and make sure you are working out and raising your heart rate the day of the meal. If you are invited to several meals and have to travel around a bit—then try and have a quick walk between meals just don’t do a heavy workout because you’ll get a cramp.

After the meal you can relax for the most part. If you followed the first part, your body will be burning the excess calories while you eat for up to an hour and a half. You need to do a fairly heavy resistance training several hours after the last meal of the day to begin to convert the calories into muscle so the one thing to remember is not to eat heavy after 4 pm on the day.

Make sure you don’t drink alcohol on the day if you can avoid it. If you do, make it early in the day and no more than an 8oz. glass of wine or another light drink. Anything stronger and you will hamper your body’s ability to burn fat by slowing your metabolism and lose the ability to use Thanksgiving calories to build muscle.

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