How to Help Fade Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Many times stretch marks are due to pregnancy, weight loss, weight lifting, and growth spurts. No matter what the cause, stretch marks can be embarrassing and unsightly. Sometimes they can even be avoided. Stretch marks are basically scars that appear on various parts of your skin, they start out red and purple but then later fade to a slightly off colored hue similar to your skin tone. They generally appear around the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, lower back, and even around your calves.

There are a couple of ways to fade stretch marks after weight loss. Most people prefer the all-natural folk remedies that are used to treat stretch marks. The first way is to boost your vitamin C. Do this by rubbing vitamin C moisturizer over your stretch marks. You do this treatment three times per day. Moisturizing formulas that contain high doses of vitamin C help fade stretch marks by triggering more collagen production. Vitamin C treatments are most effective at the early stages of stretch marks. Also taking vitamin C three times a day can sometimes help fade stretch marks.

Many people also exfoliate their skin to fade stretch marks after weight loss, in addition to treating cellulite. Exfoliating creams or exfoliating loofahs are the easiest ways to go about exfoliating the skin. The removal of dead skin cells and dying skin cells within exfoliating treatment allows new skin cells to form naturally and take their place. The skin cells damaged by stretch marks are removed and replaced with new smooth skin. Exfoliating cream should only be used once a day. Using exfoliating creams more than once a day can further irritate skin or damage it more.

Moisturizing frequently with hydrating creams and lotions can put moisture back into your skin allowing stretch marks to fade quickly. When skin is hydrated it increases its elasticity, stretches more readily, and snaps back quicker. Hydrating cream is frequently used and is best for the early stages and prevention of stretch marks. For best results using a deep moisturizing product containing cocoa butter or shea butter to fade stretch marks. These natural ingredients are extremely effective as moisturizers and stretch mark treatment. Moisturize 3 to 4 times a day for the best possible results.

Many people find stretch marks to be embarrassing, unsightly, and an extreme cosmetic annoyance. In addition to over-the-counter treatments you can also try these other home remedies for best stretch mark treatment results. Sometimes when using over-the-counter treatments for stretch marks there are some other cosmetic side effects, so it may be more worth it to try the at home remedies before going to expenses and drastic stretch mark treatments. Fading stretch mark takes time so it’s important to keep your expectations at a realistic level.

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