Yoga Can Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the nerve cells that causes severe inflammation in the nerve cell insulation covers. Once the insulation covers get inflamed, various functions of the nervous system are disrupted, including your ability to communicate. There are also many other signs and symptoms of this disease.

Multiple sclerosis even affects the nerve cells in the spinal cord. Due to this, some people are not able to walk. One of the most common symptoms of this disease is psychiatric issues. Even though there is no definite cure for MS, some reports suggest that symptoms can be relieved through an alternative therapy method.

There was a study conducted by the Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. They believe that yoga can help relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms. Even though there are reports of patients experiencing improvements in their condition, there are no concrete studies to highlight its benefits as an option for MS treatment.

This study group was headed by Susan Gould Fogerite, who is the director for research. The study she conducted was actually a pilot involving MS patients participating in a specialized yoga program. Since this program uses the mind, body and soul, it is thought to provide relief from the various symptoms of MS.

The pilot study continued for eight weeks, and the results were quite surprising. Most of the MS patients had trouble walking before the study started, but toward the end of the eight-week period, their ability to walk improved. Of course, they were not able to walk perfectly, but there was substantial progress. Many people were even able to balance themselves and could easily sit and stand on their own. This suggests that yoga can, in fact, help relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Many of the patients in the study were experiencing a poor quality of life. They lack bladder control due to nerve damage, had poor mental health, and even suffered pain. The specialized yoga program helped to mitigate such symptoms.

It is sometimes difficult for people to understand how yoga can relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms. Most people consider yoga to be a simple exercise routine. The truth is that yoga is not simply an exercise routine but an approach to life.

There are many benefits of yoga, and not only for MS patients. If you perform yoga, not only will you be able to get rid of MS symptoms but you will also be able to improve your quality of life.

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