Insanity Workout Program Review

Many people are looking for real reviews of the insanity workout, while the internet is full of false testimonies. Here are some real peoples testimonies, who have completed the entire program and even tried the diet suggested to accompany the insanity workout. Many people who have completed the ACTUAL insanity workout have claimed it is in fact their favorite for many reasons. Of course the insanity is a challenge and many people confess not quite being able to keep up, but still they persevere and feel positive about their progress.

The insanity workout is a 60 day- workout challenge. Insanity was created by a man named Shaun T who is quite an internet sensation. Shaun T is also the creator of the hit workout program “Hip-Hop Abs”, which is the next most popular after insanity. The Insanity Workout Program includes 10 DVDs and if you want the more extended and delux version- then it is 12 DVDs.

The Insanity Workout Program is designed to do 3 things. First, the Insanity Workout Program will build your muscle ultra fast. Second, you will burn fat extremely quick. More than likely you will drop a lot of weight in the beginning but as you build your muscle mass you may gain a little. Third, the program is designed for people to push themselves at their maximum limit for as long as possible, helping people to not only improve their fitness but also to improve performance as well.

People who have completed the Insanity Workout program say that throughout the entire program they felt pushed to the max. In fact, some users say after a couple of weeks they had a hard time keeping up. Insanity will always be a challenge. Insanity Workout users say that even in just the 60 days of the programs they slimmed up significantly. So much in fact, relatives and friends noticed the difference. Many users lost between 10-25 pounds during their 60 day challenge.

The Insanity Workout program is extremely popular for many reasons including the fact that the workouts keep people on their toes. People never get bored or “used to” insanity. Many people noticed a drastic improvement in their performance after doing insanity and then going back to their regular workout routine. Insanity is very well liked by many, and users thoroughly enjoy the diet and say it is not too restrictive.

Although many people think insanity is great it is not for everyone. It is extremely strenuous on the joints and could be potentially dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. It is highly recommended that those with medical conditions talk to their doctor before beginning the insanity workout program.

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