How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Weight Control

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Weight Control

The time to learn how to keep your New Year’s resolution is right now. Even if you’re reading this before 2019 gets started, it’s important to get your strategy in place as early as possible. After all, if you’ve been listening to stats over the years, you’ll know that most people give up on their resolutions. Don’t let that be you!

I’ve put together a list of my best tips for how to keep your New Year’s resolution. These tips are ones I’ve used successfully for weight control and for reaching fitness goals. Though I have failed to meet my resolutions in the past, I’ve kept up with them when I’ve put these tips in the front of my brain, so here they are for your success, too.

Tips for How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for Weight Loss

Write Down Detailed Goals

Take a pen and paper and write down the goals for your New Year’s resolution for weight loss. Work out exactly how you’re going to reach them with short-term goals along the way. Once you’ve figured it all out, place the paper somewhere you’ll see it all the time. Move it around on a weekly basis so you won’t start to ignore it as part of the background. Perhaps it will be on the fridge for the first week, but on a cupboard door for a second. It might be on your bathroom mirror for a third and your bedroom mirror to round out the first month. Take the time to read through the entire page every time you move it.

Start Simply

Even if New Year’s resolution for weight loss is a complex one, start simply. Build the complexity over time. Remember that you’re starting a lifestyle change that you plan to keep up over the long term (or at least you are if you plan to lose the weight and keep it off). As a result, there’s no rush to implement every step all at once. Instead, be gradual about your changes. Make them feel natural and yet challenge yourself.

Don’t Let One Slip Ruin Everything

Always remind yourself that this may start as a New Year’s resolution for weight loss, but when it comes down to it, it’s a lifestyle change. One slip may not help anything, but it won’t cause any harm to the bigger picture, either. If you make a mistake or you give in to a craving, accept that it wasn’t the best choice, but that you can correct your behaviors and turn them around. Then, start fresh with the plan again. You’ll be back on track before you know it.

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