What Were Last Year’s Hottest Diet Trends and What Will 2020 Bring?

What Were Last Year’s Hottest Diet Trends and What Will 2020 Bring?

The hottest dieting trends are always a fascinating thing to examine as new years get started.  They help to understand how far we’ve come, and where things are headed.  It can also help you to learn from the past so that if what’s coming isn’t the smartest, you can take your own direction instead.

What Were the Hottest Diet Trends of 2019

There were three main categories for the hottest diet trends last year. The first is cutting sugar and carbohydrates, the second is focusing on plant-based foods, and the third is intermittent fasting.  This, according to Google’s “Year in Search Trends” report, which it issues annually.  There were also many eating strategies for controlling weight by altering body chemistry.

Google is often trusted when it comes to measuring trends and popularity as 9 out of every 10 online searches worldwide are conducted there or on YouTube, which it also owns.  The following were the searches that proved to be the most popular in the weight loss category last year.

The J. Lo Diet Challenge (no-sugar, no-carb)

This was one of the hottest diet trends of last January as everyone found a fresh start for the new year to be appealing.  When Jennifer Lopez announced that she was doing a 10 day challenge that involved eliminating carbs and sugar entirely, her fans and followers were keen to hop on board.  This one Instagram post drove a massive amount of Google traffic to search for the J Lo Diet.  The celeb focused on eating cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower, as well as dark leafy greens, and lots of protein and fat from nuts, seeds, seafood, meat and eggs.

The Endomorph Diet

This diet was designed to let people try to lose weight based on their body type.  The definition of body type is based on the 1940s descriptions from psychologist William Sheldon.  Endomorphs, for instance, are individuals with larger bodies and whose body fat percentages tend to be higher. They struggle to lose weight and find it hard to gain muscle. The type of eating depends on your body type, says the diet, in order to play in to how sensitive your body may be to insulin and carbohydrates.

Sirtfood Diet

This trend became hot in late October 2019 when Adele talked about it.  It is restrictive and low-calorie, just like many other extreme eating strategies. What made this one of the hottest diet trends was how fast Adele seemed to be losing weight while following it.

The Hottest Diet Trends of 2020

What is on tap for this year’s hottest diet trends? There is a growing movement away from traditional dieting and toward a more health and nutrition-based lifestyle change.  It is also believed that intermittent fasting will continue to grow in popularity as a number of studies add backing to the potential benefits of that method.

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