The Hottest Diet Trends of 2021

The Hottest Diet Trends of 2021

The hottest diet trends of 2021 are more fascinating than those of previous years when you consider the current situation and what has led to these specific patterns to develop. They take into account what has happened to us, what is currently happening, and where we generally think things are headed. That said, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is perfect for you.  Consider each of these options carefully before deciding that one or another of them is right for you.

What is Different About the Hottest Diet Trends of 2021

This year, there are some interesting developments among the hottest diet trends.  While last year pushed to extremes, such as strict keto dieting, cutting all sugar and carbs, or exclusively plant-based foods.  For some, these worked very well, but for others, this was a short-term strategy, and the dieters have either given up or have changed directions.

What Are the Hottest Diet Trends This Year?

The following are some of the hottest diet trends from 2021 so far.

Keto “Lite”

This is easily one of the hottest diet trends of 2021.  Keto, also known as “true keto” has been unbelievably popular for the last few years, but it requires an extreme change to a person’s diet, with 70 percent or more of the total caloric intake coming from dietary fats.  This forced the body into ketosis.  However, it was difficult, limiting and “done”.  Now, people are looking for the same kind of results without having to stay within the strict macro boundaries of the original strategy.  This lighter version of the original comes with very low sugar intake and low net carbs (no more than 4 grams per day). That said, it allows for higher protein (far more than the original’s 20 percent max of the daily calories).  This diet also loves a product that is gluten free.

Immune System Support Diet

Following intense lockdowns and the massive worldwide spread of COVID-19, people have become more aware of the impact of their diet on the health of their immune systems.  This may not stop people from catching a virus in the first place, but when the World Health Organization underscored the importance of a nutritious diet to a healthy immune system, people have started to focus on the difference their food choices can make to their wellness.

Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet

This version of the flexitarian diet is still about 90 percent plant-based, but still allows for a certain amount of responsibly sourced free-range, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, or other animal-based foods. There is also a focus on sustainability and food with reduced, no-waste, reusable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Final Thoughts About This Year’s Hottest Diet Trends

There is a growing movement away from traditional dieting and toward a more health and nutrition-based lifestyle change. At the same time, there is also a growing respect for food choices with a low carbon footprint and that don’t generate a tremendous amount of waste.

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