These Simple Posture Improvements Could Make You Look 10 Pounds Lighter

These Simple Posture Improvements Could Make You Look 10 Pounds Lighter

In addition to looking taller and more confident, executing the right posture at all times will even make you look 10 pounds lighter! Check out the simple posture improvements below and start implementing these into your daily life so that you can start to train your body to stand up straighter and look slimmer.

Adjust the Pelvis

One of the first things that you can do to improve your posture and look 10 pounds lighter is adjust the way you hold your pelvis. After all, this is the foundation to your torso, so you want to be sure it’s in correct alignment with the rest of the body.

Basically, you want to avoid tucking the pelvis, and you can do that by sticking your butt out a bit. The bones at the top of your pelvis and the public bone should form the shape of a triangle that’s perpendicular to the floor. Work on aligning the pelvis so that it’s straight up and down.

Fix the Ribs

Once your pelvis has been aligned properly, you can then start to shift the way you hold your ribs. You basically want your ribcage to be above the pelvis in a straight line. Move your ribcage forward a bit so that it’s over your pelvis, as this could help to lengthen the front of the body and create a slimming effect as you pull your abdominals in.

Move the ribs forward and up, aligning them with the pelvis as you pull the abs towards the spine. Just avoid rounding the back and squeezing the butt muscles, as you want to maintain a neutral curve in the spine.

Expand Your Chest

Finally, you want to undo the damage that comes from slouching forward at a desk all day long by opening up the chest. Expand your shoulders wide and draw the shoulder blades back and towards each other. The sternum should move forward and up as you do so. Opening the chest and shoulders will bring alignment to the upper back.

Practice these good posture tips daily until they become a habit. Bad posture is the result of being unaware of how you’re holding your body, so you do need to be conscious of how you carry your shoulders, chest, abs, and pelvis. But if you can manage to adjust your posture and undo all of that slouching, you can start to see a difference, as well as feel a difference. Before long, you’ll look 10 pounds lighter even if you don’t lose any weight.

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