How to Determine If You Have an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can deprive your body of essential nutrition while adversely affecting your overall health. If you have, as of late, started to suspect you have an eating disorder, then this article will offer you a brief guide on whether that is actually the case.

You Have Poor Body Image

This is one of the earliest signs. If you find yourself a victim of obsessive and negative thoughts about your body image, it is one of the signs you have an eating disorder. Obsessive thoughts like you are so fat and have no self-control, coupled with heightened insecurity about your body image should alert you to the possibility of the disorder.

You Indulge In Excessive Exercise

This also points to the possibility of an eating disorder. There are two signs that can help you determine whether this is actually the case or not. These include experiencing panic on the days you have missed out on your workout routine and working out even on days when you are sick or injured. If you also find yourself faced with similar feelings, it might be an indication of the situation.

You Are Too Eager to Cook for Others

Though you may be depriving yourself of food, do you find within yourself an urge to cook for others and elaborate meals at that. This is another common sign in people, as studies note they develop this eagerness for cooking meals for others and thus eat through others.

You Have Developed Fine Hair Growth

As you continue to starve yourself of nutrition, your body may grow fine hair not only on your arms but also on other parts of their body. This is an attempt by the body to keep itself warm in the wake of the starvation it is facing.

You Experience Fear While You Eat In Public

If you are experiencing fear while you eat in public or if the thought of eating in public is nerve-wracking for you, it is a surefire sign that you have developed an eating disorder.

Feeling Cold

Are you noticing you have started feeling colder than usual? It may be due to low body fat and malnutrition caused by the disorder. Since the fats stored in your body help regulate body temperature, their absence can make it difficult for your body to maintain its normal temperature.

These are some of the signs which you can look for to determine whether or not you have an eating disorder.

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