Why Weighing More Can Actually Make You Look Slimmer

Why Weighing More Can Actually Make You Look Slimmer

Weight is a very deceptive thing. We tend to think that we weigh more if we’re fat and weigh less if we’re slim. However, many people discover that this is not necessarily the case. Moreover, weighing less doesn’t necessarily mean that we look slimmer. Sometimes the weight on the scale doesn’t tell the story we’d like to see in our own reflections.

The reason is that our body composition plays an important role in the way we look. It’s not all about the number on the bathroom scale. After all, a bodybuilder is solid muscle with very little fat on his or her body, but that person likely weighs a lot more than someone in their regular healthy BMI range.

Your scale can’t tell the difference between muscle, fat, bone, water weight and other parts of your body. It just registers a total. Therefore, it doesn’t take into account that you might be burning away lots of fat but growing the lean muscles on your body, for example.

Another issue that is important to take into account is your body shape. Fat and muscle comes with shape – fat much more so than muscle. For that reason, when you lose a very large amount of weight, you may end up losing a lot of the shape you have to your body. This can reduce the ratio from one part of your body to the next, such as from your waist to your hips. When the ratio is reduced and the numbers are closer together, there is less contrast and as a result, you may not look as slim, even if you’re smaller and you weigh considerably less than you formerly did.

For most people, the key to looking their best isn’t necessarily to lose as much weight as possible. Achieving the lowest number on the scale won’t make you look the slimmest or the healthiest you can. Instead, you should be aiming for a healthy overall weight that includes fitness. When you add lean muscle to the mix, you help to boost your shape as you reduce the excess weight from your body.

Having lean muscle on your body will also help you to burn calories more effectively, which makes your weight easier to manage over time. You won’t see as much fluctuation. This can help you to look better, keep yourself looking toned, feeling healthier, and will reduce the strain your weight places on your body.

To better understand your weight and body composition goals, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. While you’re there, talk about nonprescription FenFast 375 and the way it can help you to take control over your eating and your workouts at the same time.

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