What You Should Know About Brown and White Fat

The body has two types of fat cells. The first and most commonly known type is brown fat. The second fat type in the body is white fat. Newborn babies have brown fat. This helps them stay warm and keeps their temperature stable. However, newborns are not the only ones who have brown fat. Adults were found to have brown and white fat. There is a lot of research that needs to be done to determine the purpose of brown fat in an adult’s body.

A research was conducted by the University of Sherbrooks to study the purpose of brown fat in men. It was found that brown fat was responsible for keeping men warm when exposed to cold temperatures. The most intriguing aspect of brown fat was that brown fat used white fat as fuel. So, to keep the men involved in the research warm, the brown fat burned white fat.

Do keep in mind that brown fat is not present in everyone. There are only certain people who have the brown type fat. Obese people commonly do not have brown fat. The ratio of brown and white fat is still under research. But it may be so that the presence of white fat prevents the brown fat from being activated.

An average adult merely has about 50 grams of brown fat. The brown fat is responsible for burning about 10lbs of white fat in a year. A research conducted by Shingo Kajimura revealed that the quantity of brown fat decreases as a person ages. As a person enters his 50s, they begin losing brown fat. This condition may be associated with obesity that is age related.

Shingo Kajimura is still researching mice. The purpose of his study is to try and promote the growth of brown fat. Kajimura’s team was able to discover an enzyme that can stop the grown of brown fat. With the discovery of his enzyme, he hopes to promote or discourage the growth of brown fat. He also said that he still needs to discover the enzyme that promotes the growth of brown fat.

If the activator is located, it could become a cure for obesity. Since brown fat helps burn white fat, it would burn white fat and even prevent obesity. This would even prove to be a cure for diseases that are caused due to obesity.

It is important to know that brown and white fat both help keep us warm. Both these fat types’ burn and release heat energy.

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